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GameOn's Health Corner: Fitness & Nutrition Tips

There are different stretching techniques that are used for warming up the body and to decrease any type of injury caused during the routine. Let’s check out few of the many benefits of stretching to relief pain.

  1. Stretching to increase circulation. Stretching helps promote blood flow and transportation of oxygen to muscles and cartilages. This helps reduce muscle soreness caused by workouts.

  2. Increases flexibility and reach. One of the main advantages of stretching is that it helps increase your overall flexibility by increasing the length of your muscles. As you grow old your flexibility is affected and your muscles get tighter, smaller and weaker.

  3. Lowers Stress LevelStretching can also help counter dangerous levels of stress. Stress often results in contraction of muscles which increases the overall tension in the body.


Health tip provided by fitnessrepublic.com

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